My Review on Escape from Witchwood Hollow

I really liked the main character named Honoria and felt really bad for her. I hated that she was so sad but I completely understood how she felt. I didn’t care for the ending and that’s why it gets the 4 star rating from me. I get why the author went in that direction for Honoria  but I just wish it could have ended better for the character. I really enjoyed the story until like I said until towards the end of the story. I really think people should give this story a chance.

People will either love the ending or hate it, and when reading the story am sure a lot of people will express their feelings on the ending very strongly and that’s what a story needs in order to make it worth reading and talking about.

So give this story a chance and let me hear your opinion on the ending and what you all thought about that as well as the rest of the book. Thanks so much for reading my review.


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