My Review of Island Fire By Toby Neal.

Toby Neal – Island FireI liked this book more than I thought I would. I really loved Bea and her brother Sam. Didn’t care for their father at all.He just treated his children as the hired help. And Sam got the worst of it. I loved how Bea stood up to him at the end of the book. I understand that his wife is dead but I feel like that’s not a good reason to act the way that he did. And it seemed like he wasn’t that great of a father before his wifes death.
I really liked Nick in the book and think he fits better with Bea as a love interest more than Jaden. And if the author continues this series which I hope she does than that’s the direction that she goes to. While I liked the book and give it 4****, I would have given it 5***** if the ending was different. It just seemed like it ended a little to soon. The ending didn’t feel like it was very exciting and it really didn’t feel like an ending. It felt like their was some pages missing.The reason I gave it the 4****, is I enjoyed the story and really loved the characters of Bea, Sam, and Nick. So if she has another book I would read it to see what happens to my favorite characters. And to see if their dad ever starts to act like a dad.
I received this book by netgallery and the publisher in exchanged for a review. And these ratings are all mine. And my honest opinion.


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