My Book Review of EverEalm by Author J.D.Wright

I just got done reading A fantastic book by Author J.D. Wright.

I really enjoyed this story a lot, so many wonderful characters in this book. Their was Breestlin or Bree as she’s called in the book. Her hero Rowan. Their was Dagan, Sid, and my absolute favorite character Finn. Their are also villains in the book as well, I couldn’t stand Silas and his wife Vallica. They were so awful to one another, and to other people also. They were so alike, so I can understand why they treated each other like they did. What he did to one of his own soldiers was just so awful and he punished the guy for something that the guy didn’t even do. Just because he couldn’t take the blame for something that was his own fault. And his wife what she did to his lover, just because of what he did. Ok she was mad at him, so she could have done something else then what she did.
The book had a lot of what the F moments, what just happened here. I started reading it yesterday and finished it today, that is how much I was sucked into the book. I have the next one in the series but will start that one later. First I have a few other books to finish up or to start first that are on my To Read Shelf.
I received this book by the author and Publisher through the website site NetGalley. For the sole purpose of giving my honest opinion in a review of the book’s I received through them.


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