How I Feel so far about Sanctuary Bay.

So I started reading Sanctuary Bay this morning. I so love young adult books about a mysterious School and what happens to the students that go to that school. To find out what the book is about you can find out by the following link,

The main character in this book is Sarah I really love her so far what a tragic life she had so far. Are mom and dad were murdered when she was very young. She actually saw her mother be killed and heard her father being shot. When she gets the news about getting into this school she thought it was a mistake. I am only on chapter 3 but I am already feel a connecting to Sarah. At the school she had two roommates they’ve Izzy and Karina. Karina is involved with Ethan. So that’s how far I got. So far I think I am really going to enjoy this book a whole lot. You really get sucked into this story from the very beginning.

Will I am off to read more of this story, it should be one hell of a book, with a whole lot of suspense. Until later.


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