Pretty interesting book!!!! Love Reggie!!!!


The Other Inheritance - Rebecca Jaycox

I  really  loved  the first  book in this  series. I thought Reggie the heroine in the story was very interesting  and wasn’t  a weakling. She could  get herself out of trouble without having  to be rescued  by a big strong guy all the  time. 

Reggie’s love  interest so far is okay, I really am not all that sold on Asher as her soul mate.  I  really like her friend John  and another character named Brwyn more, so far. I  am not all that sure  about Reggie’s mother as of yet. And so  far I am really liking Rhys a lot as  well. And I am not  sure  about the villain Andrius yet, his a jerk that’s for sure, and his a tyrant, but his not super big and scary to me as of yet. 

The  book  was good and parts were full of adventure, but it  was slow  and boring at times, and that is why  I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I was at first going  to give it only 3 1/2 stars, but  I  really liked almost all  the characters so far,  and I really enjoyed the plot. And I want to buy the  next book whenever it comes out, so the book to me deserved 4 stars. 

I  am  so glad I received this book from the way of  netgalley, I was the one to request the  book, and this review so my honest  opinion on  how  I felt about  the book. I would  definitely  recommend this  book to my family  and friends.

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